Xiamen Bird Watching Society

Bird-watching Branch, Xiamen Wildlife Conservation Society

Xiamen Biological Environment - Avian Distribution Pattern

According to China faunal geographic division, Xiamen belongs to the Min-Guang coastal sub-region, South China in Oriental realm. Xiamen enjoys a diverse ecological environment including forest, wetland, farmland etc. and a pleasant climate with warm winters and cool summers, and offers habitat for a wide variety of birds. Early in, Foreign missionaries began collecting birds in Xiamen during the middle of the 18 century. Around 1860, Robert Swinhoe recorded 228 species of birds in Xiamen. Since its establishment the Xiamen Birdwatching Society (XBS) has recorded more than 330 species of birds in Xiamen.

About Xiamen Bird Watching Society

Name: Xiamen Wildlife Conservation Society - Bird-watching Branch
Found on: 30 March 2002
Nature: A non-profit making organization, comprise of volunteers
Members: Members of XBS are volunteers who enjoy bird watching and care about birds and environmental conservation. They come from all walks of life including academics, government officials, lawyers, teachers, and the private sector.
Source of funding: Membership fee; Support from government/ enterprises/ funds, and expenditures shared by members of XBWS who take part in activities.

Main work of Xiamen Bird Watching Society

(a) Promote awareness of bird-watching

(b) Bird Surveys

(c) Explore Education model on ecological conservation

Contact information
Website: www.xmbirds.org
E-mail: Chen Zhihong ("Reef Egret") aiffel@hotmail.com
Address: Yifu Secondary School, No. 209 Honglianlu Zhonglu, Xiamen