Xinjiang Bird Watching Society Xinjiang Bird Watching Society

Xinjiang Bird Watching Society, which was established in May 2004, is an NGO with about 40 core members concerning and protecting birds in Xinjiang. It is now under the Xinjiang Ecological Society.


To watch birds, love birds and protect birds and their habitats; To encourage the harmony between human and birds.


  1. Cooperating with the related goverment departments to organize Love Bird Week, bird festival, bird race and wild bird photo competition;
  2. Organizing talks about bird knowledge, wild bird photography and bird conservation;
  3. Investigating the situation of the habitats of wild birds and protecting them; Recording the number, distribution and breeding and migration patterns of the birds in Xinjiang; Conducting researches of threatened and special bird species;
  4. Providing advices on bird conservation to the related government departments; Providing information or reports to the related scientific research institutes.

Contact information:

Address: No. 428, Kexue Nan Lu, Urumqi, Xinjiang (postal code: 830011)
Contact person:  Xia Yong