Xipobo Bird Watching Society Xipobo Bird Watching Society


Xipobo Bird Watching Society (Xipobo BWS) established in 1999 at Hebei Province during a "Love Bird Week" activity at Ping Shan County. In April 2002, it was formally registered at the Civil Affairs Bureau as an organization for non-profit purpose. Xipobo BWS aims to promote wildlife and environmental conservation in Ping Shan County, it also assist taking care of injured animal and promote bird watching activities. Target audiences are the general public in particular student. The Society also facilitate them to understand the importance of protection of wildlife and their environment, and the "Law of the Protection of Wildlife "

Members of the Xipobo BWS came from all walks of life, they are all volunteers using their own time to promote awareness of wildlife protection. The impact of the Xipobo BWS also covers Shi Jiazhuang.

In recent years. the Xipobo BWS has conducted a number of activities which received support from both the community and the government. For example, in 1999, it helped to save the Long-legged Buzzard from the hazard of poison. In 2002, a breeding site of Black Stock was discovered in a bird watching activity. Three storks were saved and delivered to the Beijing Zoo. They were release and stayed at Ye River of Ping Shan after training. In 2003, with the support from WWF China, a summer camp for student was organized; In February 2004, members of the society discovered the first record of Smew; In May 2005, it discovered the nest of Ibisbill, and conducted relevant research and protection measures.

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Address: Foreign Language Middle School, Ping Shang County, Hebei Province (Mr Li Jianping)
Postal code: 050400
Tel: 0311-82947310
E-mail: lijp680301@163.com