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Methods for Bird Surveys - a practical handbook

Published in March 2006. A handbook specially designed for amateur birdwatchers. It collects a wide variety of methodology as well as practical examples currently being used by bird watching societies and birdwatchers for bird surveys. The handbook is useful for information and experience exchange. We hope that in the future, birdwatchers could participate actively in bird surveys, work together to increase the scientific value of collected information, and to contribute to conservation of birds and habitats.

To download (simplified chinese, PDF format) :

Cover and introduction (1.28Mb)
Chapter 1: Birds and IBA (1.06Mb)
Chapter 2: Design a survey (0.65Mb)
Chapter 3: Methodology of bird surveys (3.28Mb)
Chapter 4: Data analysis and reporting (1.60Mb)
Chapter 5: Application (1.92Mb)
Chapter 6: Appendix (3.04Mb)

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