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How can you help?

BirdLife/HKBWS China Programme is intended to support the capacity building of bird watching organizations in China mainland. Your support could create more opportunities for conservation to be put into practice, to save the nature environment around us.

On an everyday basis, there are many things that you can do to assist bird conservation. The following are the ways that you might consider:

For bird watchers:

  • Support bird watching organizations near your place;
  • Learn to identify the common birds, and teach young people or your friends the value of birds and other wildlife;
  • Participate in bird monitoring or survey projects;
  • Participate in the monitoring of threatened birds.

For bird watching societies:

  • Organize workshops with us to develop capacity among active members of your organizations;
  • Share bird information among bird watching societies in China and overseas;
  • Promote bird watching among students and the general public and encourage people to care about nature;
  • Organize long-term bird surveys at selected habitats in your region;
  • Identify sites of conservation importance (e.g. Important Bird Areas).

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