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Bird Conservation Project Management - a practical handbook

Published in March 2007. A handbook specially designed for non-specialists, especially for those who have never attended any training workshops about project design or project management of NGOs before. It highlights the process of proposal-writing, finding funding, project and financial management, human resources management, report-writing and membership building. Some case studies inside the handbook are real situations faced by bird watching societies.

To download (simplified chinese, PDF format) :

Cover and introduction (0.85Mb)
Chapter 1: Project planning (0.33Mb)
Chapter 2: Find your own suitable position (0.32Mb)
Chapter 3: Project design (0.54Mb)
Chapter 4: Finding funding opportunities (0.35Mb)
Chapter 5: Project implementation (0.87Mb)
Chapter 6: Project monitoring and assessment (0.34Mb)
Chapter 7: Additional Information (0.19Mb)
Chapter 8: Appendix (1.53MB)


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