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Educating for BirdLife (Simplified Chinese version)

Published in March 2007. A handbook specially designed for NGOs to prepare for their environmental education work. It includes a wide range of examples of educational activities from across the BirdLife family, successful experience of some bird-watching societies in China and information of environmental games.

To download (simplified chinese, PDF format) :

Cover and introduction (1.33Mb)
Chapter 1: How can education benefit a BirdLife Partner (4.23Mb)
Chapter 2: What are possible ways forward (7.82Mb)
Chapter 3: Introducing birds to people (1.20Mb)
Chapter 4: Integrating education in conservation projects (3.79Mb)
Chapter 5: Education to raise the profile of the BirdLife Partner (3.29Mb)
Chapter 6: Influencing the decision-makers of today and the future (1.84Mb)
Chapter 7: Appendix(1.87Mb)


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