China Bird Festival 2006

In order to raise the public awareness and their interest in birdwatching and bird conservation, birdwatching societies in China joined the World Bird Festival of BirdLife International with the support of BirdLife International and Darwin Initiative. Totally 26 activities were held in Beijing, Jiangsu, Wuhan, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Fujian, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Luzhou, Mianyang and Kunming in October 2006, involving at least 43,600 citizens. This year's China Bird Festival is really a success!

China Bird Festival 2006

Birdwatching Society (BWS) Date Venue Activities No. of participants
Beijing Bird Watching Society 6th Oct Daxing Milu Garden Entitled "To Protect Swallows in Beijing, To Welcome the Olympics". Activities includes exhibition of artificial nests of swallows, kites of swallows, children drawing and birdwatching at 2 points in the Garden

More than 2,000

(30 volunteers)

Oct Primary and Seconday School

Talks about swallow protection

Students writing articles, drawing or making handcrafts in the topic of the "Swallow Story"




More than 200 works




Jiangsu Wild Birds Society

21st, 28th Oct & 4th & 11th Nov

Nanjing Zhongshan Botanical Garden Birdwatching at fixed points


(20 volunteers)

29th Oct Nanjing University of Informatioin Science and Technology A talk about birdwatching for university students and birdwatching tours at school 100
Wuhan Bird Watching Society 29th Oct Wuhan Botanical Garden of Chinese Academy of Sciences Birdwatching trip for the elderly during the Double Ninth Festival

100 elderly

60 visitors

(30 volunteers)

Shanghai Wild Bird Society

Green Oasis Ecology Protection Communication Centre

19th Oct Ruian Plaza

Bird photo exhibition

(The exhibition was shown again from 21st Oct to 6th Nov in the Shanghai Botanical Garden)

22nd Oct Shanghai Botanical Garden A bird festival including birdwatching trips in the garden, playing environmental games with children, children drawing, birdwatching talks and exhibition of bird photos and IBAs


(60 volunteers)

Zhejiang Wild Bird Society 21st Oct

Hangzhou Botanical Garden

Xingzhou and Santang communities

Exhibition of bird photos taken in the West Lake, Hangzhou 20,000
29th Oct Hangzhou Botanical Garden

Bird race for school students (2 birdwatching training courses were provided to students before the race)

9 teams

(1 teachers and 3 students in each team)

Fujian Bird Watching Society 23rd to 28th Oct Library of Fujian Province An exhibition about wetlands, IBAs, Black-faced Spoonbill and Minjiang estuary 2,000
28th Oct Library of Fujian Province A talk about Black-faced Spoonbill 70
29th Oct Minjiang estuary Watching Black-faced Spoonbill 65
Xiamen Bird Watching Society 16th Oct   My-favourite-bird polling 1,759
21st, 22nd & 28th Oct & 4 Bailuzhou Park Birdwatching at fixed points 1,000
Oct 6 schools Birdwatching talks 1,000
Shenzhen Bird Watching Society 14th Oct Futian Hongshulin Ecological Park

Exhibition about Black-faced Spoonbill

Watching Black-faced Spoonbill


(35 volunteers)

Luzhou Bird Watching Society 21st Oct Baita Square Bird photo exhibition and setting up birdwatching points in the Square


(15 volunteers)

22nd Oct Luzhou Province Second Secondary School Bird photo exhibition and bird watching trips for students


(10 volunteers)

23rd Oct Luzhou Experimental Primary School Bird photo exhibition and bird documentary sharing


(7 volunteers)

Mianyang Bird Watching Society 23rd Oct Southwest University of Science Technology

Bird photo exhibition

Talk about birdwatching activities




26th Oct Mianyang Sixteenth Secondary School Talk about common birds in Mianyang 100
27th Oct Mianyang Normal University Bird photo exhibition 1,000

Kunming Bird Watching Society

Student birdwatching society in Southwest Forestry University

Oct Kunming Yuantong Shan Zoo Exhibition about birdwatching activities, birding routes in Yunan and the present situation of bird protection in Yunnan  
4th, 14th and 22nd Oct

Xishan Forest Park

Guihuangge Forest Park

Birdwatching trips

80 undergraduate or postgraduate students

60 park visitors

Oct Southwest Forestry University Writing poems for birds 58 undergraduate students
Oct Southwest Forestry University Drawing bird pictures 32 postgraduate students







"To Protect Swallows in Beijing, To Welcome the Olympics"of the Beijing Bird Watching Society






A swallow drawn by a child in Beijing





The birdwatching point set up by the Jiangsu Wild Birds Society was really popular





Old people can also join the Festival! (photo from Wuhan Bird Watching Society)






A girl produced a wonderful drawing during the bird festival held by the Shanghai Wild Bird Society and Green Oasis Ecology Protection Communication Centre

Many citizens were interested in the exhibiton held by the Zhejiang Wild Bird Society






Fujian Bird Watching Society held a talk about Black-faced Spoonbill, the main character they used in the Festival





This was the Festival organized by the Shenzhen Bird Watching Sociey. Number of visitors that day reached 1,500!





Another popular exhibition held by the Luzhou Bird Watching Society





Students of the Southwest University of Science Technology were attracted by the photo exhibition held by the Mianyang Bird Watching Society






Two enthusiastic volunteers of the Kunming Bird Watching Society were introducing birds to a citizen






A beautiful painting by a postgraduate student of the Southwest Forestry University

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