China Bird Festival 2007

Although the World Bird Festival of BirdLife International was not organized in Oct 2007, the China Bird Festival still continued with the support of BirdLife International and Darwin Initiative. To welcome the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, this year Festival was given a special theme "Give Birds a Home" and a "Bird Nest" logo was designed. In the logo, you can see a blue bird sitting in a nest and in fact the blue bird is also the Simplified Chinese word of "fly". Totally 39 activities were held in Beijing, Liaoning, Fujian, Henan, Kunming, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Sichuan, Wuhan and Zhejiang, 13 more activities organized than last year! At least 45,000 citizens and teachers and students from 49 schools shared the joy during the Festival!

China Bird Festival 2007

Birdwatching Society (BWS) Date Venue Activities No. of participants
Beijing Bird Watching Society 20th Oct Zizhuyuan Park

Exhibition about the protection of swifts and swallows, and Mandarin Duck in Beijing

Playing environmental games with children

Children painting and drawing

Birdwatching at 2 points in the Park

More than 2,000

Oct Museum of the Yeyahu National Nature Reserve

Bird P hoto exhibition

Chengdu Bird Watching Society

20th Oct

  School Bird Race

90 students and teachers from 11 schools

21st Oct   Bird drawing competition 90 students from 13 schools
20th & 21st Oct   Bird photo exhibition  
Dandong Bird Watching Society Mid-Oct Liaodong College Talks for members of Wildlife Conservation Association 30
Mid-Oct Huachen Cinema Bird film sharing 20
Mid- Oct Faculty of Agriculture, Liaodong College Talks for high schools


Fujian Birdwatching Society

27th Oct Minjiang Estuary

Birdwatching and bird photo exhibition

100 citizens and reporters from the mass media
28th Oct Nanping Birdwatching and bird photo exhibition


Henan Wild Bird Society 12th Oct


Birdwatching talk 20,000
13th Oct Fujing Ecological Park Birdwatching activity  
19th Oct City square in Mengjin Province Distribution of leaflets  
20th Oct Sui Tang Heritage Garden, Luoyang Birdwatching activity and exhibition  
23rd Oct Huimeng Town, Mengjin Province Exhibition  
24th - 25th Oct Luoyang Hotel Exhibition  
26th Oct Jiaozuo Forestry Park Exhibition  
2nd Nov Jiaozuo Normal University Exhibition  
3rd Nov Mengjin Nature Reserve

Birdwatching activity


Birdwatching Society of the Southwest Forestry University 1st - 6th Oct Wuliang Shan Nature Reserve, Nanjian Province Training workshop 29 lecturers in the Southwest Forestry University
13th Oct Southwest Forestry University Birdwatching talk 100
31st Oct Southwest Forestry University Birdwatching and bird photograpy talk 80 old people
1st - 31st Oct Southwest Forestry University, Yunnan University, Yunnan Normal University, Kunming Technical University Bird Photo exhibition and introduction of the IBA concept l 10,000
Mianyang Bird Watching Society 15th Oct - 7th Nov Renmin Park Birdwatching promotion and exhibition  
1st & 2nd weekends of Oct Sanjiangku Birdwatching activity in Mianyang city 50
Oct Chaoyang Secondary School Environmental Education 400
Shanghai Wild Bird Society 20th Oct Shanghai Botanical Garden Birdwatching and promotion at 4 fixed points >800
20th Oct Shanghai Botanical Garden 2 talks with the title "Give Reed Parrotbill a Home" ~80
27th Oct Nanhui Dongtan Birdwatching activity 22
28th Oct Pudong Community Centre Talks (basic birdwatching skills, introduction of Reed Parrotbill and common birds in Century Park) 50
Shenzhen Bird Watching Society 14th & 28th Oct Futian Hongshulin Ecological Park

Fixed-point birdwatching; guided tours; exhibition; playing environmental games


Wuhan Wild Bird Society

15th Sep


22nd Sep

Huazhong Agricultural University

Wuhan University

Birdwatching training course for students

>50 students from 5 different universities

Students from 3 other universities

5th - 7th Oct Maanshan Forest Park Donghuli Garden Birdwatching activities for students

>160 from 9 universities

20th Oct Yandonghu Bird race for high schools

6 high schools

Xiamen Bird Watching Society 13th Oct 8 different parks in Xiamen city

Finding the best park for birds


14th Oct   A series of activities including environmental games, children painting, fixed-point birdwatching, domonstration of the use of binoculars and telescopes 300
8th - 31st Oct Birdwatching Centre in Bailuzhou (Egret Island) Talks and exploration 600 students and teachers

Zhejiang Wild Bird Society

2nd Oct West Lake Birdwatching activity  
4th - 5th Oct

Guoqing Villiage in Fuyang City, 1 primary school and 1 high school

Bird photo exhibition



Birdwatching activity in the Zizhuyuan Park organized by the Beijing Bird Watching Society.

Children painting and drawing in the Zizhuyuan Park.

A lovely girl drawing a bird in the Zizhuyuan Park.

15 teams joining the School Bird Race organized by the Chengdu Bird Watching Society, Sichuan.

A student show during the China Bird Festival 2007 organized by the Chengdu Bird Watching Society, Sichuan.

A popular birdwatching talk organized by the Dandong Bird Watching Society in Liaoning.

Fujian Bird Watching Society held an bird photo exhibition in Minjiang Estuary, Fujian.

A core member of the Fujian Bird Watching Society was surrounded by reporters from different mass media.

A simple but happy birdwatching trip in Nanping, Fujian.

A birdwatching activity organized by the Henan Bird Watching Society.

A group of hardworking students reading and taking notes of the exhibition boards produced by the Henan Bird Watching Society.

A bird photo exhibition by the Mianyang Bird Watching Society, Sichuan.

A group of participants watching birds in the Shanghai Botanical Garden during the China Bird Festival 2007.

Participants playing the environmental game "Spoon-billed Sandpiper Migration Game" created by Mr. Barrie Cooper of the RSPB in an activity organized by the Shanghai Wild Bird Society.

Shanghai Wild Bird Society taking people to watch the Reed Parrotbill in Nanhui Dongtan.

A guided tour organized by the Shenzhen Bird Watching Society.

Parents and children drawing and painting bird pictures in the Futian Hongshulin Ecological Park, Shenzhen.

A Bird race for high schools in Wuhan.

A photo exhibition held in Fuyang City and a primary school by the Zhejiang Wild Bird Society.

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